What Are Feminized Cannabis Seeds? Learn more about Marijuana Seeds

What Are Feminized Cannabis Seeds? Learn more about Marijuana Seeds

November 23, 2018

Cannabis seeds are types of seeds that are obtained from cannabis plants. These seeds come in different types or varieties such as the feminized cannabis seeds. These feminized marijuana seeds are genetically modified in order to produce an only female plant. Cannabis seeds will usually produce a female or male plant, and the whole process is significantly determined by Y and X chromosomes. Plants with two X chromosomes will become female at a 99.9 success rate while a plant with a Y and a X chromosomes always become a male plant.

Get Yourself More Familiar with Feminized Cannabis Seeds

The feminized cannabis seeds are usually produced in a manner that all resulting plants are female since only the female cannabis plants make the buds. The regular or non-feminized cannabis seeds can produce plants that are half female and half male. Having the male plants can actually be assets to breeding programs but needing to watch over and then throw away half the male cannabis plants can be waste of space and time for breeders or growers who just wanted to grow their very own bud supplies. By means of growing with feminized cannabis from reputable and reliable breeders, you can leave your worries about the plant gender altogether. Note that every single plant will going to produce female and will make buds.

Pros and Cons of Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Some individuals may not know it, but there are those especially the professional breeders who know exactly the pros and cons of feminized cannabis seeds. The most common and known pros and cons are highlighted below: Pros By breeding or growing feminized cannabis seeds, you get the chance to experience the following pros:
  • Less wasted spots or spaces for plants that need to be eliminated or thrown away
  • All plants will end up producing quality buds
  • You do not really need to watch the feminized cannabis plants to ensure you get rid of the males
  • There is no chance for pollination without the pollen sacs, therefore, no seedy cannabis buds
  • To establish a solid breeding program and then create the newest strains, you need to begin with regular cannabis seeds so you will both have female and male plants
  • You can encounter problems ordering seeds that is why it is highly imperative to order from a trusted source or trustworthy breeder
These are just a few on the list. If you seek to learn more about feminized cannabis seeds and other related aspects linked to it, you can conduct your own online search and obtain details from reliable online sources. Do you want to learn more about cannabis and growing this plant? You can get tons of relevant information online, and you can learn more on this site. Aside from accessing information about cannabis seed breeders, you can also access details about cannabis strains, cultivation, legality, about medical marijuana and more from this site. The information you will get will surely satisfy your curiosity about feminized cannabis seeds and more.

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